Welcome to Lok Sarkaar

The BJP has been in power in Gujarat for 23 years but it has miserably failed the people of Gujarat on all fronts. It has become blind and deaf to the problems that people are facing. The misrule of the BJP government has killed the voice of people
The citizen charter brought in by the government is mere for false publicity. Due to this misgovernance, people have been facing issues with getting their issues reach the right person for the right solution. Publicity and promotions worth crores are done but for selfish motives and not keeping the people of Gujarat at the beneficiary end. Hence there is an increase in issues people are facing.
To become the voice of the people of Gujarat and to enable them find a quick solution to their issues, Gujarat Pradesh Congress has started ‘Lok Sarkar’. www.loksarkar.in is the website through which the initiative will be started.
‘Lok Sarkar’ means an initiative that is for the people and by the people. The objective of Lok Sarkar is to make sure that the issues that people are facing reaches the government, giving voice to the issues that people are facing, making the government accountable for the service of the people, highlighting the failures of the government, ensuring that government schemes are effectively reaching each and every person. The mission of Lok Sarkar is to strengthen the democratic system, empower people and make the government accountable.
The objective of Lok Sarkar is public service in administrative form, a public service in which the person even at the end of the paradigm is able to have the government be accountable for their duties. ‘Public Service’ is the sole existence of Lok Sarkar.
Lok Sarkar will help people in a speedy solution of their problems. Every complainant will receive a receipt copy and number for further follow ups. Lok Sarkar will be available to people through www.loksarkar.in as well as a mobile application as the easiest and fasest way
  1. 1. Complaint

    Complaints of various departments can be done through Lok Sarkar. Complaints pertaining to centre, state, jilla, district level can be done. After filling various details of the form, the complainant will be getting a complaint number on the registered mobile number/email address for future reference and tracking the status of their complaint. Apart from the complaint number, the complainant will also receive a copy of the complaint that is sent to the accountable officer.

  2. 2. Registration

    To make the process of sending the complaint easier, there are various registration options available,

    Publicity summit Registration
    Loksevak summit Registration
    Research summit Registration
    Media summit Registration
    NGO Registration
    NRG Registration
    RTI Registration
    Social-Religious Registration
    Professional Registration
    Industrial Summit Registration
    Advocate Registration
    Bussiness Man Registration
    Doctors Registration
    Builders Registration
    Farmers Summit
    Educational Summit Registration
    Professional skills Summit Registration
  3. 3. Important Information

    This section will provide important information about various departments

  4. 4. Facilities

    Lok sarkar will also be helpful to find various services like ST bus ticket booking, railway ticket booking, air tickets booking, hotel booking, taxi booking, booking movie tickets, information on various hospitals etc

  5. 5. Media Bulletin

    To inform the media about various work done through lok sarkar will be made available to the media through media bulletin that will be released regularly. There will also be a two way communication set up between the media and Lok Sarkar.

  6. 6. Polls

    The main objective of Lok Sarkar is public service. The feedback of the people is most important to us. Through various polls in this section, people will be able to give their feedback

  7. 7. Feedback

    People may share their feedback/suggestions on the betterment of the process or any other information for the better functioning of Lok Sarkar